Note: Only an admin can set a default List assignee

You would want to set a default list assignee if you have a dedicated reviewer who checks the video drafts and mentions changes required before they're published.

For example, Stella is in charge for reviews. The admin marks her as a list assignee for the list  "To be reviewed". Now, all videos moved to this list will immediately mark that Stella as its video owner.

This helps Stella, because she will receive a notification as soon as a video is ready for review.

You can also have list assignees for writers who excel in specific fields. For example, if Jack is really good at writing content for sports news, he can be the default list assignee for the list named "Sports"


STEP 1: Open your Workspace. If you do not have the link, you can find it from your dashboard:

STEP 2: Look for the List you want to modify, and click on the settings icon.

STEP 3: Select 'Set Default Assignee' and select a member.

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