Card: A card is used to represent a video. Multiple cards can be present in lists. Each card can have one video assignee.
Note: If a card has a play button, it means that video is generated, if not, it is a video draft.

Feed: A feed refers to an RSS feed. You can attach a feed to a list, and all articles from the source are automatically added as cards to this list.

List: A list is a collection of cards. Multiple lists can be created and deleted. Each list can have one dedicated assignee or owner.

List Assignee: A list assignee is a member of the workspace the list is in. When a card is moved to this list, the video owner is automatically updated to the list assignee.
Example use case: Stella is in charge of reviewing videos before they're published, hence she is the list assignee for "To be Reviewed" list.

Owner: The email id for whom the Workspace has been set up is the owner. An owner has all permissions of the admin plus few more privileges like deleting workspace, changing user roles, etc.  Please refer to the Permissions article for more info on this.

Video assignee: A video assignee is the owner of a video. A member can own multiple videos, but one video can have only one assignee.
Example use case: Jack is really good at making content for sports videos, thus admin always makes him the video assignee for any sport related videos.

Workspace:  A workspace is a collection of different lists of videos. Each workspace has one owner, multiple admins and team members.

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