Note: Only an admin can create a new Workspace.


To create a new Workspace, 

STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: Click 'New Workspace'

STEP 3: Enter a name for the Workspace, and enter members' email ids to send them invites.


STEP 1: Login with your registered email id

STEP 2: Click on the '+' icon in the top right to create a new workspace

STEP 3: Enter a Workspace name and click 'Add Members'

STEP 4: Invite team members. You can add them from your contacts, or enter email ids if they aren't in your contacts.

STEP 5: Click 'Create Workspace'

The new Workspace will be visible in your Dashboard in the App.

Note: If your team member does not have an account on Rocketium, they will be prompted to create one after they click the invite link.

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