Create teams and invite members to collaborate on a single project. Manage & delete members and videos of each

Team feature enables you to collaborate with your friends and colleagues on a project. Your teammates can create new videos and clone or edit the existing videos in your team’s library. Your teammates will have access to all the paid features in the editor that you (the admin) have.

To create a team:

Click on Create Team button on the dashboard.

Enter a name for your team and click on Create Team.

Enter the email address of the teammate and click on Send Invite. Make sure that your teammate has registered with the same email id on Rocketium.

Your teammate will now receive an email with the link to join your team.

You can create additional teams and manage them by clicking on the team name on the top left corner of your dashboard. 

Note: Videos made by a team cannot be accessed by members of other teams.

To delete a Team:

Go to the Teams tab, select the team you want to delete, and click on Delete Team.

To change the Team name:

Go to the Teams tab, change the team name to the desired name and click on Update team name.
Note: Only the team admin can delete/rename the team.

NOTE: Once you delete a team, all the videos from the team’s library will shift to the personal library of the admin of the team, and all team members will be downgraded to the Basic plan.

To copy a video to another team:

Go to Library of the team with the required video. Click on the more options icon (...) on the video and click on Copy Video.

A window will drop down now, asking for the destination of the copy. Select the team that you want to copy the video to, and click on Done.

Your video will now be copied to the other team.