Yes, you can add animations to your video. Rocketium provides an array of animation options you can add to your video.

Here are the steps to add animation to your video:

1. After you have uploaded your video/image, click on it to view the editing bar

2. Click on the 'media animation' icon to view animation options. Here you can easily apply these options to your video by clicking on the animation option of your choice.

3. Under the editing bar, you will also be able to view other animation options like 'scene animation' where you can add fade in and out from left or right.

4. You can also add transition effects to your video by click the 'transition' icon

5. If you want more animation options, click on the 'see more' icon. You will then be redirected the Rocketium app store where more animation options are available and easily applicable to your video

At the Rocketium app store, there are a wide variety of animation options you can choose from.

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