Yes, you can create custom templates by yourself. Rocketium has introduced this concept through collections. Collections are pre-existing image templates that you can use while creating a video. Rocketium also provides you with a blank template that you can use to create your own.

To access these pre-existing image templates or the 'Blank Template, click on the '+' icon in your workspace to view the collection of templates. There is also a whole set preset when you click on 'See all'

Also, once you have created your video using the template you have selected, you can save this template for later so that you can use it over and again. You can save it under 'Export Settings' like so:

This will get saved under 'My Scenes', which you can access while making your next video.

You can also subscribe to our Agency plan which will make you eligible for customized templates.
Under the Annual Plan, you will be eligible for 2 free custom templates and under our Monthly Plan, the customized templates will be created for you but chargeable at $150 per template.

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