Font color is a styling feature of captions, all the styling features of the caption come up with a single click on the caption. You can change the color of the caption, highlighted words in a caption and the background color of the caption too.

Here are the steps on how to change caption color and its background:

  1. Enter caption:

2. Click on the caption box on the preview side of the page, to access caption settings:

3. Click on the 'color' icon to access caption color settings:

4. Click on the ''text' icon to change color of the caption text:

5. To change the background of your caption, click on the 'background' icon:

6. To highlight certain words of the sentence, you can do so from the formatting options that show up after you select a word in the editor, in the left half of the screen.

7. To change the color of the selected word, go to the color options, in the preview on the right where you have access the 'highlight' button.

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