You are probably seeing this because you are facing difficulties adjusting the time durations of your captions/scenes.

Please navigate to Timings in the Menu Panel in the middle section of the page.

Once you are there, You will see something like this:

To sync up the caption and the time:

  1. Upload the trimmed voiceover to each scene.
  2. Include the same caption in the caption box as the number of words in the voice-over
  3. Set the start and end time accordingly.

Citing a small example here on how to sync up:

Total video- 58 secs

Caption 1- 5secs
Set the timings as:
Start- 0.00.0 End- 0.05.0

Caption 2- 12 secs
Set the timings as:
Start- 0.06.0 End- 0.18.0
so on.

I have set the timings of Scene 3. The total scene time will always be equal to the end time of the last caption.

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