We recently discovered an issue between Apple iOS 11 and the Rocketium upload feature. This issue causes the corruption of some .MOV videos while they are uploaded in the Rocketium Editor. 

The issue only affects a small, specific set of users. In these very limited cases, this issue may lead to the video not being uploaded successfully or failing midway.

Who's affected by this issue?

This incompatibility affects only a very specific set of users on iOS 11 who upload .MOV files into the Editor.

You may have been affected by this issue if ALL of the following are true:

  1. The video was shot on an Apple mobile device running iOS 11
  2. The video was created on or after September 19, 2017 (or earlier, if you participate in the iOS beta program)
  3. The .MOV video file was saved in the new HEVC file format

Each of these points must be true for you to have been possibly affected by this issue. If even one of these points are false, then you shouldn't be affected by the issue.

What can I do now, and how do I upload the video clip?

The best way to upload the video clip is to try importing it from Dropbox.

STEP 1: Click Search in the scene

STEP 2: Select the Import option

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