With Rocketium, this is just a one click activity. You'd see the 5 options in the Aspect ratio feature we provide.

Just login to your account, go to ASPECT RATIO, and you will see these options:

Landscape videos are more suitable for sharing on YouTube.

Portrait or vertical videos for sharing on Instagram Stories and Whatsapp.

Square for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook Cover Video for sharing a video as your Facebook Cover. [New]

Instagram Ads for sharing a video as an instagram native ad. [New]

The best part about this feature is the text is "Auto-fit", so everytime you change the aspect ratio, you will not need to adjust the font size, it will adjust itself as per the aspect.

You can publish your video in these 5 different aspect ratios depending on where you want to post them. If you want to create videos in all the 5 aspect ratios, the best practice is to create clones of the original and publish it. This way, you'll retain the settings for the different copies, if you plan to edit them again.

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