You can add a voiceover in the same screen where you add your media files.

You can choose to record or upload a voiceover.

Recording a Voiceover:

1. Click on "Record"

2. Your internet browser (we suggest you use Google Chrome for the best experience) will ask your permission to allow Rocketium to use your microphone. Click "Allow".

3. The recording starts immediately. When you are done recording your voiceover, click on the word "Recording" to save the file.

4. Click the "tick" icon to confirm

Uploading a voiceover:

1. Click on "Upload"

2. A window will open asking you to select a .mp3 file to upload. You can browse to where your file is saved and upload it.

Please note: The length of the audio file will depend on the plan you have subscribed to. Click here to check the limits.

3. Click on the "tick" icon to confirm.

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