You can select the type of caption in the first screen where you're adding the captions by clicking on '...' 

Before you move to the Preview screen, make sure that in all scenes with more than 1 captions, the last caption is set to "CAPTION".


The duration of Bumpers will show 0.1s under Timing. You need not change this because Bumpers remain for the entire scene.

You can however, control when you want to show them. You can do this by varying the Delay timer for these captions.


Lower thirds are similar to captions. They have their own unique Duration and Delay timers.

When you want to show more than 1 caption simultaneously with Bumpers, you can use Lower Thirds.

Common issues you'll run into

1. Bumpers are coming on top off other captions

You need to change the position of the Bumper. Just go to Caption -> Position to change the positions.

You also need to make sure the Delay of your lower thirds are not the same. Lets say you have 2 Lower Thirds in your scene. If they have Delay set to 0.0, they'll end up on the screen simultaneously. To fix this:

Delay timer of LT-2 = (delay of LT-1) + (duration of LT-1)

2. Cannot change duration of my captions

Go back to the Add Content screen, and change the last caption of the scene to 'CAPTION'

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