There are multiple ways of adding content.

  1. Search: Search for images/ videos from our library containing copyright-free content. To SEARCH for a video, click on the drop-down menu inside the Search window and select Video.
  2. Upload: Drag & Drop or click on Upload to add images/videos on your computer.
  3. Import from URL: Enter the URL of the image that you want to import.
  4. Connect with Dropbox/ Google Drive: With paid plans, you can connect your Dropbox and Google drive accounts and use your shared content directly inside Rocketium
  5. Copy and Paste your favourite images straight to a scene on the Content page of your Editor.

You can trim the video and even split it into multiple scenes.

There a tons of editing features available as well. More on it here.

Videos can be uploaded in .mp4, .mov format and can be of length of upto 30 seconds each with the Free plan. You can upload longer videos clips with the paid plans.

Images can be .jpeg, .jpg, .png formats. You can add .gifs too.

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